You Can Support Our Zinnia Breeding Efforts Any Time of Year!


Our small suburban flower farm in San Clemente, California was where we got started growing and selling cut flowers. In order to contend with the big guys in such a competitive market, we realized the value of having unique flowers that designers and florists would love. That's where our zinnia breeding journey began. 

Recently our farm moved to Gardnerville, Nevada where the summers are perfect for growing the heat-loving zinnias free from typical diseases and with lots of room for development. Our intention is twofold at the new farm. First, we want to continue to develop our zinnias in unique, lovely colors, forms and textures you love. Just as importantly, we want to provide an opportunity for you be able to grow our specialty seed for your own businesses, to add their unique genetics into your own projects, or simply to enjoy. For those who want to, we hope you collect and save the seed to replant and enjoy as it moves you. 

Your donation helps support our efforts to continue to expand our special current cut-flower zinnia lines, develop the newest ones waiting for their turn and to create new, unique beauties. 
We are so grateful for all the enthusiasm, support and kindness you have shown over the last several years as we've moved through this process and are grateful for your support.
Closed for 2023
Your First Ever Chance to Receive Our Seed!
We are excited to announce we will have our first ever farm seed  fundraiser for a limited time starting FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd 9:00am, PST, 2023. 
Our Thank You to you for contributing during this special event will be a packet of our exclusive specialty seed. This is the only time our specialty zinnia seed will be available in 2023.