2023 Fundraiser

For your benefit, please read the information provided on this page prior to donating. 
By participating in this fundraiser you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the conditions and restrictions below!

Coming for a limited time Friday, February 3rd 9:00 am, 2023!

Shades of salmon: from the lightest blush to peach, salmon, coral and vermillion. second generation line with blooms 3-4", plants 30-36" tall.
Muted pastels: linen, blush, light peach and soft raspberry with subtle, muted undertones. A fourth generation line with 3" blossoms, plants 30" tall.
Parchment shades: buff, linen, blush, melon and whipped butter. A fourth generation line, 2.5 - 3" blooms, 24-30" tall.


IT'S ALMOST HERE!!! Our first ever seed fundraiser!
Friday, February 3rd, 9:00 am, PST - Monday, February 6th (while supplies last).
For those interested in obtaining our Zinnia elegans seed, we are offering a packet of our exclusive seed from our summer 2022 breeding program as a thank you to anyone (within the U.S.) who contributes $50 to our Seed Fundraiser, while supplies last.
This will be the only opportunity in 2023 for you to receive our seed. 
There has been so much demand for our zinnia seed that we have decided to give more space to zinnia seed development. This fundraiser is intended to support our transition to support our breeding efforts and get these wonderful new varieties into your hands. Your contribution will allow us to continue to bring you the beautiful varieties you've fallen in love with and to further develop the latest beauties you saw last summer as well as breed for other new, wonderful surprises.  We want to be able to continue to develop and then grow enough inventory of our seeds to make them available to everyone so that you can grow them on your farm to sell, in your garden to add our genetics to what you already have or just to enjoy. Your support during this transition is key to helping us get to that goal. See more about our goals on our DONATION page.

The seed we are offering as part of this fundraiser will be a packet of one of our isolated variety mixes we grew out in summer of 2022 and some open pollinated packets of seed, possibly pollinated with other beauties on the farm by the bees before isolation. Even in the isolated seed mixes we can't guarantee exactly what will bloom out of the individual mix you receive, given these are not fully developed varieties. However, what we can guarantee is that all the seeds we are sending have been collected from double and semi-double flowers only. While some singles may still pop up, the majority should be semi-doubles or doubles. You can also expect the majority of blooms in the range of colors associated with the variety labeled on the packet you receive (from the selection shown above).  Part of the fun of custom bred zinnias is waiting to see what the blooms are!  While most should be very similar to those pictured, it's possible you may grow new colors and forms that no one has ever seen before!  It is also possible, due to zinnia genetics, you will also see a small percentage of more typical bright colors pop up as these varieties are still in the development process. 

For those who want to save seed from their Blomma zinnias this summer, we recommend sowing 4-6 weeks indoors before your last frost and planting out once the chance of frost has passed. If you don't get frost, wait until your nighttime lows are consistently above 55°F to plant. Cull any plants with colors or other traits that you don't care for as soon as you identify them to avoid unwanted crosses. Allow the remainder to cross as you wish or isolate special keepers to hand pollinate.

Please remember that this is a donation from you and a thank you gift from us.  Returns are not accepted. 
At this time we will be selecting the color pallet for you. If you choose to make a second contribution we will do our very best to make sure your second seed packet is a different variety, depending on supplies.

Each packet will contain a minimum of 1/2 grams of seed per packet, roughly 50 seeds.  If you receive fewer than 50 seeds you got some nice, big, fat seeds! All packets have been hand screened and hand packaged by me (Tiffany) for maximum germination potential. All seeds are of the highest quality we have. We are sharing our very best seeds with you.
We will begin mailing seed packets out within 7 days of your donation in the order donations are received. 

Shipping Restrictions: We appreciate our out-of-country fellow growers. Unfortunately, due to complicated restrictions, we are not be able to ship seeds outside the U.S. at this time. 


OPENING  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd 9:00 am, PST, 2023