On-Farm Events

This year we are planning to host on-site events so you have the chance to see our little farm and what we do. Details will be emailed to participants. Sign ups are required to attend any on-site event.  
Sign-up availability will be posted here
and on our Instagram account, @blommaflowerfarm.

Peony Day

JUNE 15, 2024

Treat Mom to a special gift or join us to learn all about growing peonies and to create an arrangement to take home using our fresh, Gardnerville-grown peonies. These are florist quality varieties! 

We'll start in the field learning all about how to grow peonies including planting time and  depth, eye size, spacing, when and how to fertilize, proper cutting depth, watering, how deep to cut, proper harvest stage as well has post harvest treatments and even sources with loads of varieties.  

Then we'll head to the workshop and create lovely arrangements using our fresh peonies. Everything for the arrangement is included. You will also be able to purchase extra flowers (as available) and learn the secrets and techniques to keeping your peonies looking fabulous! 

Zinnia Breeding Workshop

JULY 2024


Zinnia Day

FALL 2024

Visit the farm at the end of the season to see all our plants in bloom.  Flowers for purchase as available.