Italian Ranunculus

Specialty corms grown in Italy, these ranunculus are superior to standard ranunculus in size, form, petal count, color and stem length.  If properly maintained they can easily last 14 days.  There are three types of Itlaian Ranunculus we grow: Cloni Success, Pon Pon and Elegance. Cloni Success are cloned, patented corms that produce the largest, most sought after flowers and include the incredible Hanoi. Pon Pon are also cloned and patented and are the most unique with narrower, sometimes bi- or multi- colored petals. Elegance are the most like traditional ranunculus, but generally have more subtle colors, more peatals, and longer stems up to 28". 

Hanoi - Cloni Success

Hanio is the Italian ranunculus that stared it all.  Its large size, massive amount of petals and soft blush color make it the most popular  and sought after ranunculus, in particular for wedding work.  The color can vary from almost white to blush which makes it easy to use for transitioning colors within an arrangement or to stand on its own. 

PIN416 - Cloni Success

PIN-146 (it's so new it hasn't been given a proper name yet) is tauted by the grower as an improvement to the beloved 'Hanoi" (Impossible!).  New to us this year, it looks to be deveolping into a similar size with a bit more pink/blush color.  Bud formation looks strong with ample petals and a clean, circular shape. More notes to come as it opens!

Grand Pastel - Cloni Success

Easily the largest of all ranunculus, Grand Pastel reaches 4.5-5" across.  Its unparalleled abundance of petals is stagering, which continue to open as the flower matures on long, strong stems.  The soft peach/blush color is versitile in a multide of color schemes. Grand pastel is the show-stopper of the ranunculus world.

Fragelino -Cloni Success

Fragelion or "Strawberry" in Italian is another large ranunuclus with massive amounts of petals in a unique shade of red that pairs beautifully with most other colors. Among the most versitile reds, it can support other colors or stand on its own.  Large and long lasting, Fragelino is a versitile bloom.

Antione - Cloni Success

Antoine is a chameleon. The bud starts out deep mauve-violet with dramatic bright white edges, but as it opens and unfurls, the must softer inner light-mauve/lavender petals become prominent. Combining the tight and more open buds makes its own mono-chromatic color scheme. Both stahes are useful in design. Long stemmed and large it can easily last 12 days.

Minerva - Cloni Pon Pon

Lively and fun, Minerva has loads of carnation-like textured petals in a warm coral shade with some green striping on the outside petals - similar to coral parrot tulips.  Its color and informal texture make it an exuberant flower. Long stemmed, large and long-lived they are unique among ranunculus. 

Salmon - Elegance

Slight variations in color can run from soft salmon-peach to light blush-pink in Elegance Salmon ranunculus. They are the most trasfixing color because they appear to have multiple shades layered in one flower.  Excepionally long stemmed and a 12-14 combined with their subtle coloring made these an ASCFG flower of the year.  Plus, they're a personal favorite!