About Us

We are Tiffany and Mike Jones. I am the designer, artist, and farmer.  Mike is the engineering brain, heavy lifter, and head supporter. 
I (Tiffany) grew up in Orange County in an area surrounded by farms and fields of tomatoes, corn, strawberries, and flowers. With the support of my dad, who loved gardening, I got to grow my own flowers as a little girl. My favorite was a particularly beautiful peachy-colored gladiolus. Mike grew up with a flower loving mother, understanding the value of growing plants and now helps develop medical devices.

Flowers have always been my first love. A floral designer at 19, I went on to study Ornamental Horticulture and to get a degree in Landscape Architecture, giving me a more comprehensive understanding of flowers and plants. Over the years, my dad, ever the supporter of my interests, allowed me to design and redesign his gardens. It was an incredible opportunity to learn how plants and flowers grow and to refine my abilities as a designer.  

Eventually I got married and started a family. I designed flowers, yards, and even kitchens each time we moved. My daughter (who's favorite phrase these days is, "Of course you can, Mom,") grew up (too fast!) and went on to her own grand adventure. 

After our daughter went off to college, we felt the emptiness of our too-large nest, it was time for a simpler lifestyle. So, we moved to a small fixer with enough room for flowers in San Clemente, California.  After growing there for several years, we moved to Gardnerville, Nevada. The farm is much larger, and our focus had shifted to breeding zinnias with the goal of bringing new forms and previously unavailable colors to farmers and enthusiasts. Our dry, hot summer are perfect for growing and developing new varieties.

During my first year I noticed that some zinnias I had grown in soft shades of blush and peach would sell out at the wholesaler I worked with, before I had finished unloading my cart. A spark was ignited and, in order to stand out in my crowded market, I began my zinnia breeding journey. I didn't really understand what was involved and began investigating and researching everything I could find about breeding zinnias. 

Once I had cataloged and organized the information so I could use it as a reference guide, my family encouraged me to make that information available to everyone with an interest in breeding zinnias. Sharing the information in short videos and brief posts was how I started. The response of people wanting to know more was unexpected and overwhelming. 

It's been several years in the making, but I have written a book covering all the aspects of everything I was interested in learning in order to understand, solve issues, and succeed at breeding my own varieties. I've included information about care, breeding and advanced topics covering topics from anatomy, to how make crosses to how color works, genetics, how to avoid incompatible crosses and tips and approaches for keeping your zinnias true and vigorous plus photographs and graphics I've created myself to help learners of every type and so much more.  The book is filled with tips and secrets about breeding zinnias and is the first of its kind for flower farmers, gardeners and enthusiasts.Click here for more information or to purchase.