Custom Handmade Leis

Our Leis are made in house and hand tied so the flowers don't slip or bunch.  We use the freshest, long lasting flowers available.  Please note, the photos are representational only, and effort has been made to give credit to the original designers. Please click here  to select your lei type and colors and to place your order.  All orders must be submitted 7 days in advance.

Standard Carnation Lei

Standard size carnations in your choice of color and pattern, striped or solid. Approximately 24" in length. 
$40 + tax

Extra Long 34"-36" 
$60 + tax


Double Carnation Lei

twice as many standard size carnations make this lei extra thick and luxurious.  Your choice of colors, solid or striped. Approximately 24" in length.
$80 + tax.

Extra long 34"-36"
$120 = tax

Carnation and Orchid Lei

Alternating mini carnations and dendrobium orchids make this a more delicate lei. Approximately 24'. Your choice of carnation colors. Orchids come in white or Prurple with white. (The white flowers pictured here are Stephanotis, which are not available. Dendrobium orchids are used instead).

$60 + tax

Standard Orchid Lei

Dendrobium orchids in your choice of white or 
purple with white. 24" length, approximately.

$60 + tax

Mixed Lei

A beautiful combination of mini carnations, dedrobium orchids and mini roses with greenery. Colors and flowers as shown. Approximately 28"


Designer's Choice Abundance Lei

An extra lux, dense mix of standard carnations, dedrobium orchids and fresh flowers and greens creatively designed for a one-of-a-kind look. Designs will vary. Approximatelty 30".

$225 +tax
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