Flower Availability

We are working to improve and add to this section.  It will take some time as flowers become available for photography.  Check back for updates.

Italian Ranunculus: Jan-March

We grow several varieties of the Italian Ranunculus including Cloni Success (Large), Pon Pon (multi-ruffled) and Elegance (large specialty standard). These are generally Avaialable Mid-January through March.

Colibri Poppies: Jan- Mar

These specialty Iceland Poppies were deleloped in Italy to be larger and stronger stemmed than tradional Iceland Poppies.  The crepe paper-like blooms are generally 4-5" across with robust stems.  We grow the light peach color.  Properly handeled they can last more than 7 days.

Chantilly Snapdragons: Nov-May

Chantilly Snapdragons have open faces, are more sutible in size for personals, and have a lovely, fruity fragrance. We grow White, Pink, Bronze with White Throat, Light Salmon and Velvet.

Foxgloves: Mar-August

Both Camelot White and Dalmation Peach are grown. The small, less bulky stems are excellent for even medium scale and personal scale work. We harvest all the stems offering smaller sizes as the season continues.

Phlox: June-Aug

Just as they are named, carmel and cherry combine to make the phlox a high-demand nuetral.  Their color mixes seemlessly with an array of color pallets.  Stems can be curved for creating movement and stem length increases over summer.

Basil: July-September

Zinnias: June-Mid 

We grow several zinnias in colors andtextures florists love, including Zinderella Peach (pictured), Queen Lime Red, Queen Lime Orange, Senora, Benery's Giant Salmion Rose, and Cactus Mix. This year we're trialing Oklahoma Ivory as well.

Dahlias: Late May-Early October

Our dahilas are heavily in the burgundy range including Rip City, Hollyhill Black Beauty, Diva, Karma Choc and Arabian Nights. Our reds are Cornel and the golden striped Gitts Crazy. Pinks include Otto's Thrill, Jowey Gypsy, and Karma Prospero. Purples Include Creme de Cassis, Jowey Morris, and the bright magenta Blue Boy. Crichton Honey is our peach/coral/yellow dahlia.

Garden Roses: April-Fall, intermittently

Queen of Sweden reigns supreme with upright heads, a soft apricot-blush color and cup-and-saucer form.  Early flowers have shorter stems while longer stems develop as the season continues.  We also have Olivia, Lichfield Angel, Jubilee Celebration, and The Alnwick

Starflower: Summer

A member of the Scabiosa species, it's grown for its seed heads.  Little balls of seed clusters are great for  a neutral  colored textural element.

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